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the simplest system for sign-up/sign-in on the Internet

Why is this needed?

For far too long, both users and developers have suffered: Users signed-up for various Internet apps/SaaS products with their email address. Then they have to further confirm that email address. This results in a flood of emails. Such as a "welcome message", "Did you see this?" email, and so on. We call those "gradual spam" -- as after sometime; all of us have got tired of them. Cluttering up your important emails!

On the other side; developers worry about people abusing trials: The same person keeps using a time-limited trial with many different email addresses, thereby enjoying the free offer for a long time. Developers then cripple the trial/free offer so much that genuine users get frustrated.

Simple Sign-In System helps both of them! Our system is quite unique: 
Users start using IT Products/services without ever using the email address or the phone number of the user! In minutes. Without a confirmation email. In many cases, without even a password. Developers are also happy as they get genuine, unique users. Hackers would find it really tough to steal account data.

If you are a developer, register a webhook for your app/SaaS/etc with us. You then setup that simple incoming webhook on your server to authenticate users. No complex API programming. We use this very same LLL-SSS* system to register developers too. So you can see the simple sign-in system in action here itself.

developers, click here!

*LLL-SSS = Limen Leap Labs' Simply SIgn-in System

How does this work, for end users?

The very first step you need to do, is to download our LLL-SSS utility. You can choose between Windows or Mac. Links are in the footer here. You would be prompted to set a password for the utility. This password would be checked each time you use the utility.

Next step is to go to the "sign-up/sign-in" page of the website of the IT Product/Service that you want to use. Of course, they need to have implemented our Simple Sign-In system! If not, please contact them and ask them to implement this win-win system.

A code would be displayed to you on their page. Enter that code into our LLL-SSS utility. Our tiny, downloadable utility does just one thing on your computer: It picks up a unique ID from your own computer. And sends that ID across to our server via the Internet.

In a few seconds, the page on their website would be replaced by a form for you to setup your username and password*; and you are in! No confirmation needed. They believe you are indeed a unique user. And that you are not a robot (i.e. no captcha is needed) You directly start using that IT product/service!

*our system can also be setup to be used even without a password!

How does this work, for developers?
Developers can register with us here; using the button above, or you can
click here. We too use our own LLL-SSS to do such registrations (obviously!). Each registered developer gets a settings page, thru which the developer can add the endpoints for each solution the developer gives to his/her users. There is very little coding you need to do to setup your membership system. Read the FAQ for more details. The settings page will have the link to the technical documentation.

If you are worried about the data that is going out from your computer; worry not! The utility just makes one call to our server when you click the "Proceed" button. The Unique ID mentioned here has absolutely no personal details about you. It is just a machine code that is hardwired into every Mac and Windows computer. Read our FAQ for the details.


Download LLL-SSS for Windows
Download LLL-SSS for Mac

The downloaded zip file can be extracted to any folder. (On Macs, double-click the extracted .dmg file) Right click on the lll-sss app and choose "open" You may be given a warning, but you can run anyway! There is nothing harmful in these utilities.